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Q: What is an “outpatient” or hospital-free joint replacement?

A: For an outpatient joint replacement, patients come in the morning for knee or hip replacement and go home the same day. This allows for patients to recuperate in the comfort of their own home.

Q: What are the benefits of outpatient joint replacements?

A: The benefits include:

  • Less risk for hospital acquired infection
  • No overnight stay in the hospital
  • Sleep in your own bed the night of surgery
  • Cost reduction
  • Better pain control at home through self-management
  • Improved experience: same quality care in a more personal setting
  • Patient will receive phone calls after discharge to address any questions/concerns that arise and to ensure that patient is doing well.
  • Faster, more aggressive physical therapy-start the day of surgery
  • Overall high patient satisfaction

Q: Who is a good candidate for outpatient joint replacement surgery?

A: Not every patient is a good candidate. Outpatient joint replacements are best suited for motivated patients with strong family or friend support and the proper at home set-up for recovery.